About Me.

In just a short time of beginning my career in
psychotherapy, while trying to fit all clients into the
"one-size fits all" therapy approach learned in
school, I realized I was not helping my clients. I
learned fast that in order for me to really connect
with my clients I needed to understand their
‘language’…that is connect with them in ways that
we could understand each other. We all approach
life with different thinking styles and different
beliefs systems, which have been influenced by
the experiences we have had in the past. This
forms a unique ‘language’ that may be difficult for
others to understand, thus, causing some of the
problems we may have in relationships with our
partners, family, friends, co-workers, etc.

I use an integrated approach to therapy, drawing
from many theoretical models that help me
connect effectively to my clients. I lean toward a
cognitive behavioral approach with a skillful
balance of insight-oriented and humanistic

I believe in client-therapist collaboration. That is,
we come together as equals in our work together,
striving for your goals and exploring the obstacles
and solutions together.  
> Over 20 years counseling experience
> FL License # MH-5801 since 1999
> PhD in Psychology; Capella University
> MS in Mental Health Counseling, Nova Southeastern University
> BA; Psychology; Saint Leo University
> Clinical Sexology Certificate; The American Academy of  Clinical Sexology
> Qualified Supervisor for FL
Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns
> Researcher in Veteran Suicide
> Faculty Member at University of South Florida and Troy University
> Trainer & Presenter at the State and national level
Professional Memberships:

> Veterans Counseling Veterans, Director of Professional Development
> International Association of Trauma Professionals
> Florida Behavioral Healthcare Alliance
> American Mental Health Counselors Association
> Florida Mental Health Counselors Association (FMHCA)
> FMHCA Military Service Committee
> Suncoast Mental Health Counselors Association
> Past President of the Tampa Bay Study Group  on Trauma and Dissociation
> Past President of the Tampa Bay Association of  Women Psychotherapists
Promoting connection, healing and personal growth
I began my counseling career in 1993, working for HOSPICE, counseling terminal ill patients and their
families.  From there, I worked at a community mental health agency, getting essential experience working
with clients suffering from psychotic disorders, major depressive disorders, bi-polar disorder, anxiety
disorders, and trauma related disorders. I became very interested in dissociative disorders at that time,
gaining more education and experience to better help clients who had experienced severe trauma as
In 2000, I joined a group practice under the mentorship of a well-experienced clinical sexologist.  
There I was able to learn how to help people who were experiencing problems with sexual desire and arousal
and sex addiction, as well as continue my work with clients who had experienced severe trauma.
I opened my private practice in 2003, then decided to return to school to earn my PhD in Psychology.
Seven years in the making, I finally reached that life time goal in 2013.
In 2007, military suicides were on a rise and the news reported daily the numbers of military and
veterans who were choosing to end their own lives.
As an Army veteran myself, I was greatly moved to understand this trend further and look for ways to help.
I was selected to work at a local VA hospital developing their Suicide Prevention Program. This work included
developing trainings for VA staff, medical and counseling professionals, community agencies, Universities, as
well as collaborate with Military Reserve units and Mac Dill AFB, to bring awareness of suicide and improve
suicide prevention.  I completed my PhD research looking specifically at veteran suicide.
I have recently joined the teaching staff at the University of South Florida and Troy University's
graduate programs for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am active in several professional organizations
and have presented at state and national level Professional Annual Conferences.  

I thoroughly enjoy my work, gaining much reward in
witnessing the positive changes my clients make in their
lives as they strive for healing, authenticity and a
balanced, healthy lifestyle.
Most Recently
I have come to believe that military service members, veterans and their families need alternatives
when seeking mental healthcare.  I have recently been appointed as Director of Professional Development to
the new
Veterans Counseling Veterans non-profit organization with the responsibility of organizing
trainings, providing mentorship and supervision to military veterans who are becoming mental health
professionals with an interested in providing mental health services to their fellow veterans..
I am involved with the
Florida Behavioral Healthcare Alliance in preparing nonveteran mental health
professionals working in the community to better serve our military and veterans by providing trainings about
military culture and the unique challenges veterans face when integrating back into our community.  And,
I have joined up with the
Camaraderie Foundation so to offer mental health services to our veterans free
of charge
(click for application).
Living a ‘cookie cutter’ life does not work;
therefore, a ‘cookie cutter’ therapy
approach will not help you in reaching
your personal growth goals.
Dr. Lynne A. Santiago
Lynne Angela Santiago, PhD, LMHC

Lynne Angela Santiago, PhD, LMHC  |  609 S. Himes Avenue, Tampa, Florida  33609  |  877-570-3632  |  lynne@lynnesantiagolmhc.com
At this point in my career, I am very committed to the education and training of new counselors entering the
field.  I am a
Florida approved Clinical Supervisor, providing guidance and mentorship to post-graduate
counselors who are working hard toward their professional license in Clinical Mental Health Counseling  
(On the Air iHeart Radio August 2016)