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Stress and Trauma Related Disorders
Military  & Veteran Issues
People who have experienced  terrifying
threatening,  such  as physical and/or
sexual assault, childhood sexual/physical
natural disaster are at risk of developing
Disorders (DD).

over an extended period of time can
challenge a person’s sense of self and
values and purpose.  They may believe
that they are not the same person they
were before their military experiences.  
Their family and ‘you have changed’.

the adjustment challenging.  You cannot
spend time in a war zone and expect that
you will not be changed in some way.

Military Trauma
Childhood abuse and trauma can often
result in the development of beliefs
about one’s self and the world that lead
to a basic distrust. This deeply rooted
distrust can cause problems in adult
relationships, creating unhealthy
attachment styles, effect parenting, and
interfere in successfully attaining life
Coaching packages are designed to target
a specific challenge you may be  having
such as building assertiveness, stress
management or anger management skills,
management, etc.

sexuality that problems get ignored.  
Even doctors and other health
professionals manage to avoid
asking important questions about
sexual health.
Sexual Health
Childhood Trauma

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