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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  What is easist way to contact you?
A:  Email is most likely to get fastest reply

Q:  Do you see children &  families?
A:  Of course!! I see clients for individual therapy
14 years old and older

Q:  Are you available in the evenings?
A:: Yes

Q:  Do you have sex with your clients?
A:  NO!  Sex therapy does not involve  
client-therapist physical contact.
Q:  Do you bill my insurance company?

 I do not submit insurance claims.  I provide you a receipt with all needed information on it and you submit it
to your insurance company.  All fee's are required at time of service. Your insurance company will reimburse
you back what is owed to you (minus co-pay; deductibles may apply). Please call your insurance company for
more information.  ** please note that if you have a PPO policy with such companies as Aetna, BC/BS, Cigna,
United Behavioral  
you will usually be reimbursed in one month or less.
Q:  What are your fees?:

 Initial Couples Consultation (90min):  $130.00
    Initial Individual Assessment/Evaluation (90 min):  $130.00
    Couples/Individuals/E-Therap (60 min): $130.00
    Couples/Individual/E-Therapy:  (90 min):  $175
Military, Veterans & their families:  $80 all session types
For all OIF/OEF/OND military, veterans & their families:  You
may qualify for a counseling scholarship through
Camaraderie Foundation  Please complete their easy application.  You will usually be contacted by
Camaraderie Foundation within 48 hours.  Also, please call me to schedule your first appointment.

(click here for more Military Veteran Information).

Lynne Angela Santiago, PhD, LMHC

Lynne Angela Santiago, PhD, LMHC  |  609 S. Himes Avenue, Tampa, Florida  33609  |  877-570-3632  |