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Lynne Angela Santiago, PhD, LMHC
over an extended period of time can challenge a person’s sense of self
and be experienced as a loss of self trauma may believe that they are not
the same person they were before their military experiences.  Their family
and friends may even affirm this by saying ‘you have changed’.

Not all people exposed to potentially life threatening military experiences
develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Some do.  Regardless,
individuals who have spent an extended period of time in a potentially life
threatening environment often develop a heightened sense of hyper
vigilance and distrust.  You may struggle with feelings of guilt.  You may
find that it is more difficult to control your anger or have a difficult time
sleeping.  You may be drinking more alcohol or using drugs.  You may be
experiencing grief due to loss of military buddies.  You may be having
difficulties adjusting to your new life as a ‘civilian’.    

Therapy can help by providing you a safe and confidential environment to
talk about your experiences, develop new coping strategies, learn anger
management skills, and resolve guilt and grief.  Therapy can help you to
explore new life paths to build meaning and purpose back into your life.
Promoting connection, healing and personal growth
Military Trauma
If you believe you may be challenged with a
trauma-related disorder and would like to explore
treatment options please contact me to schedule a
consultation and evaluation.
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