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YES  NO    I have continued my sexual behavior despite it having caused me problems.
YES  NO    Before my sexual behavior I want it but afterwards I regret it.
YES  NO    I have lied often to conceal my sexual behavior.
YES  NO    I believe I am a sex addict.
YES  NO    I worry about people finding out about my sexual activities.
YES  NO    I have made efforts to quit a type of sexual activity and failed.
YES  NO    I hide some of my sexual behavior from others.
YES  NO    When I have sex, I feel depressed afterwards.
Most people addicted to sex are in denial about their activities for a long time.  They justify
their behaviors and may even blame others for the problems.  Sometimes treatment starts
long before the denial is broken.   A person may enter into treatment as an ultimatum
brought on by a spouse.  Some may seek treatment at the request of an employer or as a
condition of probation, all the while still believing that they do not have a problem or that
others are the problem.

Ultimately, in order for treatment to be most effective, the person must come to a
place of acceptance that they have a problem and that they are not able to fix it
without help.  Treatment for sex addiction may utilize different approaches.   It will
include education, and the exploration of distorted beliefs and triggers that contribute
to the sexual addiction.  It includes learning new coping strategies to deal better
with stress and anger.  It may include learning healthier communication skills.
It may include periodic sessions with a spouse or life partner.  Attending 12 step
programs such a Sex Addicts Anonymous may also be recommended.  

If you believe you may have a problem with sex addiction take the first step in your
recovery.   Call or email me for more information and schedule an evaluation session.
ARE YOU ADDICTED TO SEX?  Take this brief test.  Answering YES to two or
more of these questions may indicate you would benefit from a full assessment.
Break the Chains of
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