•     low sexual desire
  •     difficulties attaining/maintaining erection
  •     premature or delayed ejaculation
  •     lack of sexual confidence
  •     relationship factors
  •     sexual compulsivity (addiction)
  •     pain during intercourse
  •     difficulties with penetration
  •     recovery from sexual trauma
  •     gender issues (transgenderism)
Promoting connection, healing and personal growth
Therapy is conducted in a professional, confidential
office setting.  There is no sexual contact between
therapist and client.  I have advance, post graduate
training in clinical sexology and meet the Florida State
regulatory criteria required to call myself a "Sex
Therapist" and to provide sex therapy services.
I conduct a comprehensive initial evaluation looking at
current factors that may be contributing to the
problems, provide education, and work with you to
develop an individualized plan.  My objective is to help
you overcome the challenges and restore an active,
satisfying sex life.
Decide today that you are no longer willing to sacrifice
such an important part of your life experience...call or
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Call or email now for more information.   


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For Inquiring Minds
Stress and Trauma Related Disorders
Military  & Veteran Issues
threatening,  such  as physical and/or
sexual assault, childhood sexual/physical
abuse, combat expose, an accident, and
natural disaster are at risk of developing
Stress (PTSD) and/or Dissociative
Disorders (DD).

over an extended period of time can
challenge a person’s sense of self and
be experienced as a loss of self identity,
values and purpose.  They may believe
that they are not the same person they
were before their military experiences.  
Their family and ‘you have changed’.

Returning home from war can be a long
anticipated and happy time.  But many
the adjustment challenging.  You cannot
spend time in a war zone and expect that

Military Trauma
Childhood abuse and trauma can often
result in the development of beliefs
about one’s self and the world that lead
to a basic distrust. This deeply rooted
distrust can cause problems in adult
relationships, creating unhealthy
attachment styles, effect parenting, and
interfere in successfully attaining life
a specific challenge you may be  having
such as building assertiveness, stress
management or anger management skills,
tackling public speaking fears, time
management, etc.

talking  about sex and about their own
sexuality that problems get ignored.  
Even doctors and other health
professionals manage to avoid
asking important questions about
sexual health.
Sexual Health
Childhood Trauma

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