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Our sex life, like our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life, is an important element in our identity.  Healthy emotional & sexual
intimacy is crucial in creating wholeness in ourselves and our lives.  Sometimes problems arise that make sexual expression difficult
or non-existent.

Many people are so uncomfortable talking  about sex and about their own sexuality that problems get ignored.  Even doctors and
other health professionals manage to avoid asking important questions about sexual health.
Promoting connection, healing and personal growth
Sexual health is more than being free from disease or
having problems with reproduction.  Sexual health also
involves your ability to enjoy sex, make your own
decisions about your sexual interests and relationships,
and be free of fears related to sex.
Things that Affect Sexual Health:

  •  Anxiety about your "performance"
  •  Anxiety about your body image
  •  Feeling inexperienced and lacking in confidence
  •  Beliefs that sex is "bad" or "dirty"
  •  Past sexual trauma including rape and childhood abuse
  •  Difficulties communicating what you need or want with your partner
  •  Depression
  •  Alcohol and substance abuse
  •  Certain medications like anti-depressants and hypertension medications
  •  Some medical conditions like diabetes or cardiovascular problems
  •  Chronic pain
  •  Low hormones
  •  Injury or illness
physical intimacy.  The absence of one or the other
can greatly effect the quality of the
relationship, create conflict, put up barriers
between you and your lover, and eventually break
down the bond in a romantic partnership.  

Sex Addiction ~  The term "sex addiction" or "sexual
compulsivity" refers to an unusually strong
desire for sex or obsession with sex, that results in
behaviors that are often damaging.  Despite
the known consequences, people addicted to sex
find it difficult to stop their behaviors.
Sex Therapy is conducted in a confidental
office environment.  There is no sexual contact
between therapist and client.  Sex therapists
should have advanced post graduate training
in clinical sexology and meet the Florida State
regulatory criteria  to provide sex therapy

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