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Make a 4-6 week commitment to FOCUS


Make time to PRACTICE


yourself for your SUCCESS!!
Coaching packages target the goal you have identified you need work in.

These are
4-6 week programs designed for you, with your goal in mind.

  • Are you finding that your anger is getting in your way, creating problems in your relationships or at
    work?  Focus on learning more about your anger and how to keep it from hurting you and those
    you care about.

  • Does your job require you to make presentations and your anxiety is getting in your way?  Focus on
    building self confidence and public speaking skills.

  • Do you have a problem saying "no", setting boundaries, feel like you are always being taken
    advantage of?  Focus on building assertiveness skills and setting healthy boundaries with others.

  • Are you a juggling a lot of balls in the air yet not getting any thing done?  Focus on developing time
    management skills that include carving out 'me time' so you can re-generate and re-energize.

  • Do you have a dream you have wanted to pursue (write a book, launch a new business, travel) but
    can't figure out how to get started?  Focus on building a 'vision' map to get you started on your

  • Has your doc told you your health is being jeopordized by your stress levels?  Focus on developing
    stress management skills to help lower blood pressure, get better sleep, and improve your
    relationships at the same time.

These are just some ideas of what a coaching package can focus on.  Schedule a consultation to get
started on achieving success.

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