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Lynne A. Santiago, PhD, LMHC

Conscious Partings

 ~ ending a relationship from a place of love rather than from a place of fear.

Ending a relationship is never easy.


Whether it is a mutual agreement, or you are the one being left or the one doing the leaving, you will not be spared from pain, anger, sadness, stress, and fear.


The adjustment going from “we” to “me” can be as turbulent and terrifying as being a float on a raft in a stormy ocean.  You may feel left without an anchor because, actually, you are.  During the time you and your ex were together you were anchors for each other but now you are out there on your own.

Conscious Parting Counseling can help you:


  • Create peace by decreasing distress brought on by feelings of anger, anxiety guilt and shame


  • Decrease the negative effects of stress on your health


  • Remain true to yourself as the respectful, caring, loving person you are


  • Achieve personal growth by learning more about yourself and from your errors


  • Increase the likelihood that your next relationship will be healthier


  • Co-parent in a way that will benefit your children to include helping them grief their losses and cope with the changes they are experiencing


  • Make good decisions you are less likely to regret


  • Make reasonable and fair agreements regarding finances and other obligations


  • Save money and time by avoiding legal battles


  • Develop a Conscious Life, leading to overall sense of wellbeing, health, and effective stress management.

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Letting go from a place of Love

Principles of Conscious Partings:


  • Advocates that individuals and couples who are in the relationship-ending process can end their relationship peacefully, from a place of respect and even love.


  • Believes that ending a relationship does not have to be hostile, intentionally hurtful, destructive or emotionally damaging.


  • Believes that there is a difference between “being in love” and “having love for”, and that it is possible to end an intimate relationship even if one still ‘has love for’ their partner.


  • Promotes emotional, mental and spiritual wellness as one is moving through the relationship-ending process by working to increase awareness of fear,  anger, beliefs, assumptions, needs and the potentially hurtful actions that can occur.


  • Encourages a ‘child-centered’ approach when ending a relationship when there are children involved, making it possible to keep what is best for the children the priority and be better co-parents.


  • Utilizes evidence-based therapies such as Mindfulness Practice, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Insight-Oriented Therapy, Attachment Theory


  • Approaches the relationship-ending process as an opportunity to learn life lessons that will enrich ones life, develop personal empowerment, improve communication, heal old wounds and prepare the person for a healthier relationship in the future.





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From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a psychotherapist.  I was introduced to psychotherapy as a child, when my own family participated in family therapy.  My belief in our power to make positive change in our lives comes not only from years of academic work but also my own lived experiences.  I believe that there are lessons in all our life struggles and we take on the challenge, we can learn and grow--reconnecting to our authentic Self.

I believe that depression and anxiety are most often the result of not living our lives authentically--having made decisions that go against who we are at our core, transgressing our values, or living life as others may expect us to live.  I believe that  the 'stories' we tell ourselves about our Self, others and the world dramatically affect how we feel and respond, and influence the decisions we have made in the past and will make in the future.

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With over 25 years in the counseling field, I am here to help you overcome your life obstacles, heal from past wounds, and rebuild and strengthen your relationships.


I work with individuals and couples.  As an Army veteran I take a special interest in active duty services members, veterans and their family members.


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