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Lynne A. Santiago, PhD, LMHC


You are in this together.  You have made a commitment to each other--to love each other, support each other, care for each other.  But that promise may not always be easy to uphold.  Life gets in the way.  Stress from work, parenting, and other life circumstances can put a wedge between you and your partner.


Relationship-harming behaviors, such as hurtful communication styles, addiction, emotional and/or sexual infidelity damages trust and creates disconnection between you and your partner.

Couples Consultation

  • 90 minutes
  • Discuss the challenges you are having in your relationship.
  • Explore and identify your mutual goals.
  • Receive solution-focused recommendations


Individual Assessment

  • 90 minutes each
  • In-depth assessment focused on each partners lived experiences & beliefs.
  •  Individual assessments help me to gain a better understanding of who you are and your personal perspectives about your relationship.

Communication Boot Camp:

  • A four 50 minute session package
  • Structured focus on identifying ineffective communication strategies
  • Develop new strategies that improve the sense of safety in the relationship.
  • When you both feel safe you will be more open to having those difficult, and often painful, conversations that have been keeping you stuck and unable to resolve.
  • Improve your communication by learning communication strategies meant to increase openness and decrease defensive reactions


  • Learn how your own belief systems were formed and how they interfere in your relationship.


  • Enhance your emotional and sexual intimacy


  • Create a safe, trusting environment so you can tackle some of the tougher, more painful challenges in your relationship and family life


  • Recovery and healing after an affair or discovery of sex addiction behaviors.

Intensive Couples Therapy (50 minutes or 80 minutes).

Once communication strategies have been improved you will be ready to delve into those more difficult, but necessary, crucial conversations that focus on the “hot topics” that have kept you stuck.  Hot Topics are usually disagreements about parenting, finances, sex, and other life circumstances.   But they can also be the painful confrontation and healing of relationship-harming behaviors such emotional and/or sexual infidelity or the damaging effects of sex addiction.


Couples Intimacy Enrichment Program (10-12 sessions).

This program takes a structured approach to addressing problems in your sexual relationship.  Based off of Master and Johnson’s Sensate focused therapy, as well as Mindfulness and open communication, you will address sexual desire and arousal difficulties that have been creating dissatisfaction in your intimacy.



From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a psychotherapist.  I was introduced to psychotherapy as a child, when my own family participated in family therapy.  My belief in our power to make positive change in our lives comes not only from years of academic work but also my own lived experiences.  I believe that there are lessons in all our life struggles and we take on the challenge, we can learn and grow--reconnecting to our authentic Self.

I believe that depression and anxiety are most often the result of not living our lives authentically--having made decisions that go against who we are at our core, transgressing our values, or living life as others may expect us to live.  I believe that  the 'stories' we tell ourselves about our Self, others and the world dramatically affect how we feel and respond, and influence the decisions we have made in the past and will make in the future.

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SINCE 2003

Promoting Connection, Healing & Personal Growth

Since 2003

Lynne A. Santiago, PhD, LMHC

Licensed Psychotherapy & Consulting Services


904 1/2 E Henry Ave

Tampa, FL  33609


With over 25 years in the counseling field, I am here to help you overcome your life obstacles, heal from past wounds, and rebuild and strengthen your relationships.


I work with individuals and couples.  As an Army veteran I take a special interest in active duty services members, veterans and their family members.


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