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What is it? 

Known as telehealth, telemedicine, telemental health, distance counseling, e-therapy, among other labels, the use of video conferencing and messaging has become an acceptable way to participate in counseling.

A multitude of studies have concluded that e-therapy is effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and trauma related disorders.

Federal agencies, to include the Department of Health and Human Services and Veterans Healthcare Administration endorse the use of electronic technology for mental healthcare.







How it works


We use WeCounsel, a tele-health platform, that provides a web-based experience that is easy to use, requires no software, and meets strict HIPAA standards to insure your privacy and confidentiality. 

**Read below for more details about security and privacy.

You choose how how you want to use the tools offered through e-therapy. 

Supplement face-to-face sessions

You can use the e-therapy to supplement face-to-face sessions, adding additional support and follow-up between sessions.  You may use e-therapy when you are not able to come into the office due to conflicting schedules and unexpected circumstances.

E-Therapy Only

E-therapy can be used as the sole source of therapy.  You choose which methods you want to use.  Choose one, two, or all three ways to connect.  It’s up to you. 

Primary tools for communicating 0n online therapy include:

  • Videoconferencing – 45 minute sessions for individuals and couples.


  • Messaging (IM) –  Packages based on words per week.  Access 5 days a week, with responses within 24 hours. 


  • Real-Time Chat – 20 or 40 minute live chat sessions, using secured chat-room.




Is e-therapy for you?

E-therapy is perfect for you if:


  • You like the convenience of it.


  • You prefer writing throughout the week to stay in regular contact with your therapist.


  • You live outside of the Tampa area


  • You can not leave work, but would like to have a session during your lunch break.


  • You travel for work


  • You and your partner live in two different cities or counties


  • You don’t have childcare


  • You can’t leave your home due to injury, illness, disability


  • depression and/or anxiety makes it too uncomfortable to leave your home.


E-therapy is not for everyone. 


  • E-therapy is not appropriate for people in crisis, at risk of harm to self or others, and/or need immediate attention.







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More about Security

** WeCounsel operates over a completely secure, HIPAA-compliant online platform. WeCounsel has a Business Associate Agreement with it’s data center to ensure any sensitive information generated on the site is secure by HIPAA standards. In addition, the website employs 256 bit SSL encryption while the video conferencing software employs 128 bit SSL encryption. WeCounsel also leverage industry best practices like automatic timeouts, password security level requirements and automatic data back-ups. All of this is done to ensure the site is equally user friendly and secure.