Therapy may be the best investment you will ever make–with returns that last a life time, and can never be taken from you. 

My practice is considered a “fee for services” practice.   I have elected not to accept health insurance as payment for my services.  You may be finding that this is the case with many therapists..   There are several reasons why this is  . . . 


With a “fee-for-service” practice, all fees for counseling are due at time the service is rendered.  I accept cash, check, PayPal, “CashApp”, and “Venmo” app,  You may be able to get reimbursed by your insurance company depending on the type of policy you have.  I urge you to call your your insurance company to ask about your out of pocket expenses, such as deductibles and co-pays.

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My fee’s are within customary range, from $85-$150 depending on type of services.


I will consider reducing the fee  (“sliding scale based on income”) for individuals and couples who are very motivated, and committed to their growth, but are having difficulties affording quality therapy services.  If you think you fit this description, please don’t hesitate to contact me to talk about your options.

***  If you are an active duty military service member, veteran, or family member learn more about  free or discounted veteran rates.





15 minute Q&A on the phone – Free

Q&A:  Chances are you have many questions.  Don’t hesitate to schedule a free 15 minute phone appointment with Dr. Santiago to ask questions about her counseling approaches, what to expect, etc.   It is important that the Q&A phone call is scheduled as an appointment so you and Dr. Santiago are available without ‘playing phone tag’. 








Video-Conferencing – 45 minute session   $75


Direct messaging Packages:

Options based on how many words you want to write per week (Monday-Thursday).  All options include a response from me within 24 hours of receiving your message up to 12pm on Fridays.  You can spread your communications over several days in the week, or write one or two longer messages.  How you want to do it is completely up to you.

Option #1 – 500 words – $50

Option #2 – 1000 words –    $100

Option #2 – 1500 words – $150.00


Live Chat

20 minutes sessions – $40 per every 20 minutes

** Please click here to learn more about E-Therapy Services.