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I am a Army veteran.  People who served in the Armed Forces have experienced life in a very different way than those who did not serve.  Though there may be differences among veterans, like period of time served, peace time or war time, length of time, locations served, MOS, even rank-there are many distinctive experiences that are shared by all veterans. 

Right from the moment we stepped off that bus for the first time, with drill sergeants yelling out commands and insults, we were being broken down and built back up to see the world differently.  A creed, a code of ethics, values, a language, a discipline, expectation of self and others—this is the “Military Culture”, for which we became a part of, and what defined us. 

One thing that was ‘drilled’ into us was the idea of being “strong’.  Asking for help, showing others your challenges, was a sign of “weakness”.  So for many of us, the idea of going to therapy is cringed upon.  We would rather ‘suck it up’ than ask for help and expose what we may believe are weakness.

But think about it.  “it takes the strength and the courage of a warrior to ask for help” (VA slogan).

I have made it part of my life’s mission to reach out to my fellow veterans, my family.  It may have been decades since I last wore my uniform, but I still want to serve.  I still hold that belief that we all share:  Leave no man behind/alone.

“Leave no man behind”


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Don’t let your finances get in the way.  You may qualify for free counseling sessions, and all vets get a discount on individual and couples session fees

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Spouses and children of service members and veterans live a very different life–especially for those of you who were with your military spouse while he or she was on active duty, You have very distinct experiences that other people may not really understand. 

You served our country, too

You may also qualify for free or discounted sessions for both individual and couples counseling, as well as family counseling (including parents of Post 911 veterans)


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